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Weddings: Lipstick Tips For The Big Day By Anne Mihelakos

You would think that lipstick has been around forever, but I was surprised to discover that it was only on everyone's lips after 1915 when American Maurice Levy invented the metal slide tube for lipstick. By 1946 women in America were spending $30 million a year on red lipstick and girls around the world were following suit.

Lipstick gives every woman the feeling of being just a little bit glamorous even if it is only for a moment. The question is, how to keep it on your lips rather than have it come off, particularly on your wedding day when you will be required to 'pucker up' many times throughout the day.

The most important thing to remember, is that painting your lips is like painting the walls of your home, it is all in the preparation. If you put lipstick straight onto your lips it will usually smudge away after an hour or two (quicker if you are sipping champagne!).

To prepare your lips, apply a little foundation or concealer, or invest in a good base specifically for lips, supplied by many of the cosmetic companies.

Next, define your lips with lip liner. Try and use a natural looking colour, as it can be used just as easy with a gloss by itself or with pinky brown lipsticks and even reds.

Then apply your lipstick - a lip brush can give you a more professional look but is not necessary. Blot your lips and apply another layer of lipstick.

There are some companies that make 'kiss proof' lipstick, so when looking for a lipstick for your wedding day, you might invest in a 'transfer resistant' one, if you can find the colour to suit. But at the end of the day remember, that no matter how careful you apply your 'lippy' it will probably stay on when you go for the big kiss, but wouldn't survive the full snog!!
Weddings: Lipstick Tips For The Big Day By Anne Mihelakos
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