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Tips For a Home Wax By Della Upsher
Not a fan of the caterpillar brow? Who would be! If you're thinking about waxing your eyebrows from home, there are some tips you should keep on hand to ensure you're going to look fantastic, and not frightening, and we would love to share them with you.

First, wax at night! If you're a wax virgin, there's one thing you need to know: no matter how tough your skin may seem, chances are after a good waxing you're going to be left with unattractive red splotches. Giving them a bit of rest overnight is the perfect way to avoid any embarrassing comments when you go out. Apply a cooling cream to your waxing after - unscented and organic are best because they won't irritate your brows any more then the wax may have!

Purchase a professional wax kit, which will come with basic instructions, and all the materials you need to make the process go smoothly. When applying warm wax, don't overdue it! It dries very quickly, and you'll want to apply your wax strip as soon as possible. Clumping, dry wax is impossible, and quite painful to get off your eyebrows! Start waxing under your brows, and work your way up. If you are too intimidated to repeat the waxing process, use tweezers to remove any hair.

Once you're done, let your brows sit overnight. In the morning you can use a toothbrush, or a eye brow brush to groom, and manage your newly shaped brows. Letting them sit overnight gives you the advantage of finding stray hairs in the morning that you may have missed -- you'll have time to do damage control before you head out into the real world. At home waxing can be terrifying [lets face it..] but when done well, it's a cheaper alternative to heading to your local salon.