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Mineral Makeup - The Latest Trend in Cosmetics By Kat White
Mineral Makeup is made from pure minerals from the earth. Unlike regular liquid foundations, mineral foundations have a powder consistency but are much different than your usual pressed powder. Mineral makeup foundations have the same coverage as liquid, without the oily mess you may be used to. Mineral makeup is all natural and is made up of crushed minerals and inorganic pigments found in nature. They contain no oils, and are light on your skin. This is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Not only does Mineral makeup give great coverage, but it has also been found to be good for your skin. Since Mineral makeup contains no oils it is less likely to clog your pores and cause breakouts. There is also a natural SPF found in most Mineral makeup that will help prevent sun damage on your skin.

Another one of the great benefits of Mineral makeup is that it wonít run off your face in the heat like most liquid foundations. Mineral makeup is great in humid weather, so even if you sweat, your makeup will stay in place.

Most major cosmetic companies are starting their own lines of mineral makeup. Most lines include foundations, concealers, blush, eye shadows, and even eyeliners in the most popular shades for the season.

Once you try mineral makeup you will not want to go back to regular foundations and concealers. The benefits of mineral makeup far outweigh what traditional makeup has to offer.
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