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Makari Skin Products
Our unique, Hydroquinone-free complexion enhancing formulas renew epidermal cells and create a beautiful, clean and clear complexion.

Hydroquinone-free complexion enhancing creams by Makari De Suisse, include a luxurious Caviar Face Lightening Cream, Day and Night Treatment Creams, that are complimented by our signature Body Beautifying Milk, a complexion enhancing, tone balancing, deeply hydrating wonder lotion.

Because of Makari's exclusive 100% Bleach and Hydroquinone-free formulas, our products are gentle on your skin but tough on pigment marks, scars, blemishes, discolorations, dark spots, liver spots and stretch marks.

Unlike any skin whitening systems, skin whitening pill, serums, or any other lotion for darker skin tones that other cosmetic lines manufacture, Makari's skin products for African Americans are affordable for women and men of color who take pride in their healthy and their beautiful skin.