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Home > Beauty Tips > How To Use A Hair Dryer By Marsudi Suwarnaadi
Hair dryer (often known as blow dryer) is an electric device for blowing cool, warm, or hot air onto damp hair. The device is very useful for everyone to creating, drying, or styling hair quickly. It is easy to use. But, if you do not use it safely, it can give negative effects to your hair. The heat output from a blow dryer can be very dangerous. The hair can be going to dry, damage, shaft splits at the end, falls out, and then you lose your great crown. Hard for you to recover it.

To minimize these negative effects, there are many steps you should follow when blow drying yours:

-Read the instruction manual before use. It gives you important safety information and also ensures you to avoid any risk.

-Use it wisely. Use it if you only need to use it. If you can, use a fan or dry hair naturally. It is far better for you.

-Do not use it in shower.

-Do not blow dry wet hair. Towel off it first to make it damp before dry it.

-Apply mousse or serum to protects hair from the heat, damage, and sun.

-Before you plug the cable in, make sure the switches are off.

-Set the heat frequency at low level, then you can set it at higher level as you need when you are operating it.

-You can also use a hair dryer diffuser to add volume & texture.

-Start drying from the roots to the ends. Do it from a distance to avoid burning. Do it gently without direct it to the face area or to one place.

-Use a soft brush rather than a comb when the hair is going to dry. It helps to dry quickly. Brush gently.

-Always unplug it when you are done.
How To Use A Hair Dryer By Marsudi Suwarnaadi
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