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How Nail Treatment Products Work By Natalie Aranda

How Nail Treatment Products Work By Natalie Aranda

Beautiful and healthy nails complete and highlight a elegant hand. Nail cosmetics (manicure, pedicure, or nail polish) is often influenced by current fashion trends, not by the healthy consideration. Chasing for cosmetic nail beauty is also part of the source of common nail problems - splitting, peeling, breaking fungal infections. The new development in nail care industry has introduced the nail care products that style your nails while promoting natural nail growth.

A professional nail enamel requires applying three layers of polish:

1) a base coat for good adhesion to the nail plate;

2) a pigmented nail application for cosmetic effects; and

3) a topcoat for preventing nail chipping and the nail polish color from fading.

Nail treatment products achieve the same cosmetic effects as the standard nail polish products while adding nutritious ingredients to produce some therapeutic benefit. Since the nutritious ingredients such as silk proteins and calcium are added to the base coat layer and top coat layer, the cosmetic results from middle pigmented layer is as good as the standard nail polish products. The major benefits from the therapeutic system include less nail breakage, strong and health natural nail growth. Some nail care products also help cure nail fungus.

Nailtiques and Rejuvacote are two of those products on the market that beautify the nails and have proven to strength your nails for natural growth. Improvement in the nail and hand condition is noticeable after applying Nailtiques daily for two to three weeks. As the result, your nails will be stronger, and your cuticles will be healthier. Selection of particular Nailtique products is based on condition of your nails: Formula One is general nail growth; Formula Two works for weak and thin nails, and Formula Three for dry nails. Rejuvacote, also called the nail doctor, will heal, cure, strengthen and revitalize your nails. The results are also seen in a few weeks. Nail enamel with Rejuvacote works the same as the standard nail polish products 1) applying a Rejuvacote base coat; 2) applying a nail polish product of your choice for cosmetic results; 3) finally applying a Rejuvacote top coat. The top coat provides nutrition to your nails so it is applied daily for seven days. After seven days, you start it over again after removing all three layers of coats with nail polish removers.