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Hairstyles For Chubby Women - Exploring Do's and Don'ts By Dexter N James
Every now and then, one can see many women exploring the fashion related writings to find a suitable hairstyle for them. And they tend to find the very desired hairstyles galore.

But what if the same hairstyle-hunt is done by some chubby women? Would these chubby women be lucky enough to find some suitable hairstyles?

Even if you take a number of pauses to count all the hairstyles for a chubby women, you may come to see that you have got very few clues.

However, by the time you happen to finish the following lines, you may have many such clues.

Say No To Short : Refrain from getting your hair shorter in length. Unlike long hair, the short hair makes chubby or round face look extra chubby.

Long Never Means "Too Long" : But "long" doesn't mean here to give it a below-shoulder length. Anything touching your shoulders or just above them will be enough to do a wonder.

Say No to Straight Hair Straightway : However, keeping long hair doesn't mean that you will keep it as straight as a stick. Better you give it a curly look. The "curly" type makes a fascinating match with a chubby shape.

Layers, If not Curly : But it could be a possibility that you might not be able to digest a "curly" one. So getting your hair layered can be the best solution. But it is always feasible to have the layers at the front only.

Pretty Pony : Even I have seen many chubby women going for ponytails. Though it is amazing to see whenever they use this particular hairstyle, they do not forget to prefer high ponytails.It looks nice with any type of fashion apparel.

Unique Updos : Apart from ponytails, if you love updos then it is one of the best options to frame your chubby face. But wait... There is something more you have to use with it. The updos should not pull whole of the hair bunch up on the head. It may make you look chubbier. So make sure some curly strands are falling down only to cover you cheeks. This will make you look slimmer.

Use Hairspray : It is ironical that many times chubby women, a sheer contrast, may develop thin hair. Then it becomes tough to retain the layers for long time, so it is advisable to use hairspray, one of the mostly used hair care products. The sprays holds it carefully.

Excellent Extensions : Further, the thin hair is probably the most unwanted thing for a chubby face. Why? They expose the chubbiness even more. So to defy this thinness, you may try to make your hair look a bit "chubby". Strange it sounds! Try hair extensions. Remember please, the fuller your hair, the slimmer your looks!

Bobcut Too Buries Chubbiness : Most people think that getting a bobcut done on hair is always adventurous for a chubby women, so do I. While sporting a bobcut, you successfully end hiding your chubby looks on the face. It is great to see the tips of your hair covering whole of your face and touching your chins.
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