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Flat Irons - How To Use It The Right Way? By Oliver Turner

Using flat irons for hair straightening is one of the most popular methods. If using good hair straightening products contributes to 50% of the results, the other 50% is contributed by appropriate usage of the product. Only if flat irons are used appropriately will you be able to get the best results.

How to use Flat Irons?

First, shampoo, condition and dry your hair thoroughly before using a flat iron. Flat irons with ceramic plates are preferred to the ones with metal plates. Practicing to use the flat iron before you actually start using it on your hair is strongly advised.

Apply styling cream to just damp your hair. If your hair is too curly or coarse then, you need to use a straightening balm. You can even coat your hair with a heat protective spray to avoid damage. Part your hair into small sections using medium or large clips. Now, take one to two inch of your hair, take smaller sections as they will make the hair much flatter and weightless. Clamp down the iron as close and down to the scalp as possible, and slowly pull the iron down the length of the hair till the hair falls apart, make sure that you do not stop in the middle. Apply even pressure while using the flat iron. Go ahead and use wide bristle brush and style your hair as you want.

Now that you are done, rub some serum on your hair, for extra shine. Try and use a lightweight serum to smooth your hair.

Once you have finished using your flat iron clean its surface with a cloth. Only if you clean your flat iron will it be useful the next time and will not cause any damage to your hair.
Flat Irons - How To Use It The Right Way? By Oliver Turner
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