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Eye Shadows That Go With Your Eye Color By Amena Ibrahim
Trying to find the right eye shadow color to enhance the color of your eyes? Here are the best shades of eye shadow for your eye color.

Blue Eyes

For blue eyes you want to use colors with brown undertones. Lighter colors do a great job of bringing out the color. Avoid the use of using blue or purple shades. Using a darker shade then your eye color makes your eyes appear very blue. The best color for blue eyes is a warm brown, taupe, a soft peach color, or pink. You can also use a black color and mix it with a bright blue to get a smoky effect.

Green Eyes

When you have green eyes you want to use colors with red undertones. Colors that are darker and more dramatic tend to look the best. There are a lot of brown tones that work well with green eyes. Try chocolate tones, dark greens, apricots, and taupes. Deep purples also look very beautiful with green eyes. All these colors are in the same greenish family and do a great job of brightening the green in your eyes.

Brown Eyes

Earthy tones seem to look the best with this eye color. Brown, Pink, blue, and gold tones look great against the richness of brown eyes. Brown is the eye color that has the most flexibility as far as eye shadow colors. You can use a Neutral color for a natural day look, or go a shade darker then your eye color to create a sultry, sexy look.
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