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Cold Weather Skin Care in the Winter By Danielle Sims

The cold winter months are upon us and if we are not prepared, the skin will suffer. When taking care of the skin in the winter, focus should definitely be on protection, moisturize, and repair.

Protecting our skin is very important especially in the winter months, since the cold air is harsh and drying. Equal care should be taken to guard the skin from the suns harmful rays during these challenging months.

A good sunscreen can be found at your local drugstore that should be applied to all exposed areas. Paying special close attention to the facial skin. A SPF of 30 or higher is a good idea. The best anti-aging treatment for your skin is a good sunscreen. Using it in the winter is equally important since the sun is still strong. We also have to take into account that if there is snow on the ground, it acts as a huge reflector, reflecting even more heat and sun onto us.

Moisturizing the skin in the winter is essential. Moisture can be lost quickly in the winter. The skin becomes dry and may even start to crack and cause lines to form prematurely. Using a good moisturizer especially on the face is crucial. An optimum moisturizer should be non-greasy and should be worn under the sunscreen. It's a good idea to carry a moisturizer with you when out to apply often.

The skin is constantly repairing itself. We can help it along by providing protection and nourishment. A good diet consisting of fruits and vegetables can make the difference in your skin and how it appears. Also supplementing with a multivitamin rich in vitamins and mineral nutrients will ensure that your skin gets what it needs to repair itself.

Wearing a repairing moisturizer at night can continue the repair process while you sleep which is when your body is doing the most healing and repairing.

Taking care of our skin in the winter will help preserve the appearance of aging. When you protect, moisturize, and repair the skin, you can be assured that your skin as at it's best.
Cold Weather Skin Care in the Winter By Danielle Sims
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