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Choose The Right Hairbrush For Your Hairstyle By Endy Wong

While most women no longer spend the time to brush their hair 100 times before they go to bed, brushing your hair is still an important way to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Choosing the right brush is very important depending on your hair type, read on to find out what brush is best for your hair:

Round hair brush: Round hair brushes are generally used to give a curl and definition to hairstyles. The basic rule is that the smaller the round of the brush the tighter the curl. For shorter hair, use a smaller brush and curl strategic pieces of your hair. For longer hair, round hair brushes can be used for curling the ends, or just straightening hair. A larger round brush is best for longer hair.

Half-round hair brush: Usually with quills, this brush is great for wet or dry hair, and is easy to carry around as your everyday brush.

Paddle hair brush: Great for straightening medium to long hair, a paddle brush smoothes as it lengthens. As opposed to the round hair brush, this style encourages hair to lie flat and is better for hair which is not layered too much.

Vent hair brush: Created with a hole in the middle of in the base, the hairbrush lets air pass through the brush allowing for faster blow drying. These brushes can also boost volume, and detangle your hair.

Cushion hair brush: Made for medium to long hair, this brush is a daily brush that massages the scalp and can perform the same duties as the half-round brush.

No matter which hair brush is best for certain styles, there's no stopping you from having at least one of every type. Changing your brush may ease your morning routine, or make it even faster. One thing to keep in mind is quality. Buying the cheapest brushes will only mean that they will not last very long, and may end up scratching your head. Treat your hair well, and it will love you for it.
Choose The Right Hairbrush For Your Hairstyle By Endy Wong
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