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Choosing The Best Cologne To Peek The Curiosity In Any Lady By R.T. Bucher

The best cologne is the one that stimulates the opposite sexes curiosity in you. It's can change a chance meeting into a lifetime of romance and sex, or it can keep you stumbling through life as a single. The choices you make as you try and find the best selling cologne have to revolve around the type of personality you exude.

You should try and match your a scent to your personality. I don't think most women would expect a person who is good at say, accounting and has never worked out wearing Polo Sport. But, you could probably expect a gym rat to wear that type of best cologne. I would also suggest trying out different scents for different times of the year. Try and match the best smelling cologne to what season is present. A light citrusy fragrance works better in the summer while a heavy scent like a musk will work in the winter months.

It may seem like a challenge trying to find the best cologne for you and now you have to add the fact women have certain scent they prefer and the wrong scent will send you into the abyss of no mans land. You know as well as I do how picky women can be when choosing a man who smells good. At least you know you are already up on the neandethals who think the caveman look is still in.

I am sure you want to come off as the man of the hour whenever you run into a women who you would like to get to know a little better. It takes the total package and it makes a huge difference when you use the best smelling cologne. You do not even have to dress very smart these days, the best cologne and a decent smile and your pretty much on your way.

In review remember to match your fragrace to the season and to your personality. Make sure you try different scents till you find a few good ones for you! And always remember, women have a very keen sense of smell, so never over apply your cologne.
Choosing The Best Cologne To Peek The Curiosity In Any Lady By R.T. Bucher
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