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Home > Beauty Tips > Ceramic Flat Irons - How Do They Work? By Ololade Franklin
Have you ever wondered what makes ceramic flat irons work? How does this little device cause frizzy, flyaway, dull hair to appear lay flat, and to appear shiny, smooth, and glossy? The ceramic flat iron is a wonderful little technological marvel that combines electrical, thermal, and mechanical forces to help straighten and smooth your hair. Here is a look at what makes ceramic flat irons work.

Electrical Forces Help Your Hair Not To Be Flyaway

The flat iron can help your hair not be be flyaway. Flyaway hair happens because hair in its natural state tends to hold a positive static charge which make it flyaway. The ceramic plates hold a negative electrical charge (sometimes referred to as "negative ions"). This negative charge on the flat iron plates counteracts the positive charge on hair to make the hair lay flat.

Thermal Forces Help To Straighten Your Hair

The flat iron can help temporarily straighten curly or wavy hair. The thermal force, or heat, of the flat iron causes the protein bonds in the hair to temporarily restructure and straighten as the flat iron is pulled through the hair.

Mechanical Forces Help Make Your Hair Smooth and Shiny

Hair that has been damaged by chemical treatments such as perms, relaxers, and coloring, or even harsh shampoos, will tend to look dull and dry. This is because harsh chemical treatments, in order to work, have to open up the cuticles on the hair shaft. The cuticles on the hair shaft normally lay flat, but when they are opened up, the hair appears dull and dry. The mechanical force of the flat iron, which happens when you squeeze the two sides together and run it through your hair, helps to re-align the cuticles of the hair shaft in a downward direction, helping to restore smoothness and shine to your hair.
Ceramic Flat Irons - How Do They Work? By Ololade Franklin
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