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Genuine African Formula Hair Products
Genuine African Formula manufactures, produces and distributes natural and botanical Health and Beauty products. Their lines of products include natural and botanical skin care, hair care, bath and body products, developed from traditional African herbal remedies, herbal medicines, and natural cosmetics. All products meet the highest standards in the industry and are comparable to products found in the best skin care, hair care, bath and body care salons anywhere in the United States. Based on the principle of curative and preventive maintenance, these products contain carefully selected ingredients that help skin, hair, and body achieve and maintain their most healthy and youthful appearance. All products are formulated with the lowest possible preservative levels and irritating perfumes have been eliminated. All products are hypoallergenic, sensitivity tested, not tested on animals, non-pore clogging and non-acnegenic
Distribution Warehouses
Philadelphia, PA
Coppell, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Kansas City, MO
Chicago, IL
Warehouse Address:
2191 Hornig Rd.
Philadelphia PA 19116 US