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7 Steps to Great Looking Eyelashes By Sheila Dicks

The old saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is argued by many women – maybe even you – as being true. However, makeup experts would agree that mascara, even though it doesn’t sparkle, does bring out a twinkle in the eyes and makes the face glow. This makes mascara a close competitor to diamonds as being a girl’s best friend.

Whether your eyelashes are long and thick, or short and straight, mascara will enhance your eye’s beauty. To make sure your eyelashes look their absolute best, here are 7 quick application tips:

1. If you have straight, short eyelashes, an eyelash curler is essential. Before you apply mascara position the eyelash curler over the lashes next to the base of your eyelashes and gently press for 25 seconds. Apply mascara.

2. As you pull out the wand of the mascara twirl it around in the tube so it is fully coated with mascara. Pumping the wand will make it dry out prematurely.

3. Hold the wand vertically to apply mascara to the lower lashes to avoid smudges. Use a Q-tip to go under the lashes after the application to get rid of extra buildup that might smudge.

4. Build the thickness of lashes with two light applications rather than one heavy one. Careful – not too thick.

5. Comb through lashes between coats with an eyelash comb to give a fuller, thicker look.

6. Replace your mascara every 3 months to avoid bacteria.

7. Match mascara with your coloring. If you have dark hair use black, if your hair is lighter wear brown. Stay away from blue.
7 Steps to Great Looking Eyelashes By Sheila Dicks
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